“Ray taught me how to relax and clear my mind. I feel so much better and able to cope. I really trust Ray”

"I was suffering serious addiction. Ray changed my attitude to life, gave me tools to cope and changed my life for the better.”

“I came to Ray about a phobia of eating chunky foods with the wrong texture. Ray taught me to free myself from emotional difficulties. I felt liberated to eat whatever I chose.”

"I had agoraphobia I couldn't even move out of the bedroom. Ray taught me to relax, have confidence and ability to cope. Now I can go out without a problem. I really trust Ray."


I offer a personal caring approach so you feel relaxed and positive. Helping you to control your mind and learn skills that will last a lifetime.
I can help you with difficulties caused by your: Examples of the way I work:


People with Anxiety are usually tense about the past (bad experience), present (feelings), Future (negativity) I teach them how to relax and focus on positive ability, potential, end targets which leads to developing confidence.


They focus on what they see wrong with their life experience using both conscious and unconscious leading to lack of energy, tiredness and lack of creative activities. They learn to relax, think creatively and set small targets towards their better future. This gives them positive feelings and increases their energy and activity.


I teach them to learn to deal with the situation that create the panic. For example with the fear of flying, we deal with the elements of that fear e.g. heights, being killed, enclosed space etc. Once they overcome their negative reactions they can easily and comfortably experience the anticipation and take off, journey and landing.


With smoking and drinking excessively for example I focus on the faults of the addiction for motivation and the benefits of becoming a non smoker or controlled drinker. 9 out of 10 smokers remain free of this habit 1 month after they have given up.

Hypnotherapy can help you tackle your problems so please feel free to give me a call even if yours is not listed. We can discuss your issues and you can ask me any questions you might have.
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